Find hope for your parenting journey.

If you’re a parent and you’re looking for a bit of encouragement, needed laughter, and a gentle reminder that you’re not alone, you’re in the right place. Michael and Christy Pritchard know firsthand that beneath the surface of your beautiful family lies layers of questions and hurts that are now woven into your everyday life. 


Each week on Diapers to Diplomas, you’ll hear authentic stories and practical next steps to help you lead your family with wisdom and discernment. Not only will you hear from the Pritchards’ personal experience, but they’ll be joined by other parents, as well as professionals, who will help your family move forward.


Your family may not look the way you always thought it would, but God has a purpose for your unique family that he will reveal one story at a time.


I love the realness that Michael and Christy portray in their podcast. You get this feeling that they’re really for you! As a fellow adoptive parent, it’s such a great thing to know that others are out there who understand the uniqueness that comes with parenting children we didn’t give birth to. I’m so thankful for the wisdom, encouragement, authenticity, fun and faith they share with us all!  This podcast is a blessing indeed! 

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This podcast has been a highlight of my week for the past few months. Michael and Christy are such an incredible encouragement, and their adoption story is one like ours. I love the relevant topics they share and the insight they hold as ministry leaders and parents. The parenting journey can be difficult. However, with podcasts like D2D, it makes the issues you face much easier when you know you're not alone. 



Michael and Christy are a source of encouragement as they share personal struggles and wins from their own journey of raising adopted children. Plus, I love hearing truths from Scripture that have uplifted and challenged them. I appreciate the wise and practical next steps they include in each episode and recommend this podcast to all adoptive families!


Michael and Christy Pritchard have been married for 13 years and grew their family through adoption nine years ago. Daily, they walk the journey of special needs, adoption struggles, racial issues, and the effects of childhood trauma. As adoptive parents, Michael and Christy desire to honor their boys' birth family, build trust at every opportunity, and offer unconditional love no

matter the situation.

Michael loves serving with families and equipping parents to disciple their children. He has served with young children to college students in various church and retreat settings. As the 4th + 5th Grade Pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, Michael developed an innovative preteen ministry through engaging messages, personal relationships, and parent engagement. 

Christy is a missionary at heart, and she is always looking for ways to help others. While serving in collegiate ministry in Mississippi she trained and commissioned hundreds of students to minister around the world. Additionally, she mentored many young women as the Girls Ministry Director at Bellevue Baptist Church.  Although her main ministry is focused on her family, Christy still enjoys speaking, teaching, and discipling.



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