Find hope for your parenting journey.

Do you feel alone in your parenting journey? Does it seem like the only thing holding your family together is three-day old gum and some strategically placed duct tape? 


Have you lost hope? 


Join Michael and Christy Pritchard on their journey of being a transracial, adopted, special needs family. Each week, you will hear authentic stories and practical next steps that will fill you with hope for your journey. Plus, they’ll share insight from their combined 29 years of ministry leadership experience from working with young children and preteens all the way up to college students. 


Your family may not look the way you always thought it would, but God has a purpose for your unique family that he will reveal one story at a time. 


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Elaina Barron

Mom of 2

Richmond, KY

Co-host of "What You Love" podcast

Diapers to Diplomas is the voice that frustrated parents need right now. Michael and Christy’s authenticity in sharing their family’s struggles and wins combined with God’s truth and their ever-present humor, is the encouragement you need for difficult parenting times. Thank you for helping me refocus, and as they say, “let’s celebrate those wins!”

Maggie St Cyr

Mom of 5

Memphis, TN

This podcast has really touched my life. I am a mom of 5 children and thus I am in various stages from diapers to diplomas. I am also part of an interracial, multi-cultural family. I am grateful for the humor, advice, and spiritual wisdom from this podcast. 


David Nichols

Dad of 1

Jackson, MS

Young families, mature families, headed-to-having families? I encourage you to check out the Diapers to Diplomas podcast with Michael & Christy Pritchard. This is such an encouraging listen and digs in to how Scripture guides our every day life in parenting!


Michael and Christy Pritchard have been married for 13 years and grew their family through adoption nine years ago. Daily, they walk the journey of special needs, adoption struggles, racial issues, and the effects of childhood trauma. As parents, Michael and Christy desire to show their boys Jesus’ unconditional love so they will grow up experiencing God’s faithfulness.  

Michael loves serving with families and equipping parents to disciple their children. He has served with young children to college students in various church and retreat settings. As the 4th + 5th Grade Pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, Michael developed an innovative preteen ministry through engaging messages, personal relationships, and parent engagement. 

Christy is a missionary at heart, and she is always looking for ways to help others. While serving in collegiate ministry in Mississippi she trained and commissioned hundreds of students to minister around the world. Additionally, she mentored many young women as the Girls Ministry Director at Bellevue Baptist Church.  Although her main ministry is focused on her family, Christy still enjoys speaking, teaching, and discipling.